uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner


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  • Conveying and Bulk Material Handling
  • Cement
  • Coal
  • Food
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  • Waste Water Management
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Product Details

Lining :

A covering or coating for an inside surface


A covering for the inside surface of “something”

In most industrial applications, Liner is a very very important part of the machine. The proper lining of surface will allow the smooth flow of material. Since there will be no clogging of material, it reduces the down time to a great extent. The down time cost hampers the Economics of the company and directly hit the bottom line. Further, without the lining, some products react with base material and affect the quality of product. In some cases, without lining products get accumulated in the inner surface and create the production havoc. The POLYTRON UHMW PE liners are the BEST solution of lining need of industry. Anti-Sticking property of UHMW PE allows the smooth flow of the material. FDA and USDA approved UHMW PE solves lot of critical problems in food industry.

Very high impact strength of UHMW PE liner can withstand any blow of product. Lowest coefficient of friction increases the life of Liners in multi-folds and reduces the downtime


  • Very Low Co-efficient of Friction
  • High Impact Strength, will not break or shatter
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Zero Water Absorption
  • Chemical Inert, Works with almost all chemical including HCL
  • Survive in Freezing Conditions from ( -200 Degree C to +80 Degree C )
  • USDA/FDA Approved
  • Anti Sticking Property


Chute Liner, bunker Liner, Wagon Liner, Truck bed liner, pressure liner, Silos, Mining, Chemical tank, Food Industry, Plastic Conveyor strips, Railing Guide, Curve track Guide, Flow Promoting Liners, Non Metallic Liner, Abrasion Resistant Liner, Bucket Elevator liner, Wagon Tippler Hopper Liner, Track Hopper Liner, Truck Hopper Liner

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  • uhmwpe liner
  • uhmwpe liner
  • uhmwpe liner
  • uhmwpe liner
  • uhmwpe liner
uhmwpe liner

UHMWPE Sheet Sizes Available

8000 X 500 MM (Longest UHMWPE Sheet Manufacturer in ASIA)
1000 X 2000 MM
Thickness : 12 to 200 MM

Complete Tool Room - CNC, Milling, Planning, Lathe, Drill Etc for any kind of job.


uhmwpe liner


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